Acceleration Testing

We have a dynamic testing facility that includes underground and above ground centrifuges that you can use for acceleration testing.

Play the Aircraft Carrier Acceleration Test Simulation Video Play the Aircraft Carrier Acceleration Test Simulation Video

Our 12 M (40 ft) centrifuge can impose a maximum of 300 g’s of acceleration on test items and can carry a max payload of 680kg (1500 lbs).

Centrifuge tests are used to meet acceleration requirements of MIL-STD-810 method 513.5, MIL-STD-202 method 212A, MIL-STD-750 method 2006 and other specifications.

Underground ground centrifuges used for acceleration testing

We have adjustable fixtures that allow the test item to be tilted and rotated in order to match combined load vector test requirements. Data acquisition on test items during the test or monitoring of the test unit operation during the test is also available.


Acoustic Noise Testing

Acoustic Noise is one of many tests that DTB can accomplish for you. Whether the noise is structure born or airborne per MIL-STD-740, we can handle your requirements.

Acoustic Noise Testing

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