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Automated Screening of Complex Assemblies

The Situation

Client wanted to screen a large number (>100,000) of sealed assemblies to non-destructively determine the chemical composition of a powder mixture enclosed within multiple metallic containers of steel and brass.

The accuracy had to be better than 0.25% and the screening had to be performed automatically.

The Solution

  • Develop a screening algorithm that used the concept of a master X-ray image to which all others will be compared and which would eliminate geometric deconvolution requirements.

  • Establish a correlation between the chemical composition and X-ray attenuation.

  • Develop methods to acquire highly consistent microfocus X-ray images.

The Challenge

  • Implement the technology in less than four months.

Technology Development
Automated Screening Of Complex Assemblies

Oxygen generator automated screening

Candle Analysis

Auto Sequencing

Scanned Assets

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