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Shock Sensor Circuit Breaker Development

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. developed a new concept for a Shock Sensitive Circuit Breaker with an ultra-fast circuit interrupter built with commercially available hardware that makes it possible to protect shipboard electronics from the sudden impulse of a percussive shock wave.

Fit into one slot of a Naval Shipboard electronics rack, the interrupter will reliably sense, detect, and actuate redundant relays which disengage electrical power to avoid fires and damage to integrated circuits.

Each unit includes a manual on-off switch for line power, a network port for field upgrade of firmware, and an indicator light for operational status.

Following shutdown triggered by a pressure pulse, the interrupter will inhibit reconnection of power until it receives a man-in-the-loop positive reset, so a human is present at boot up in the possible case where latent damage left any components in an unsafe condition.

The modular architecture of this ultra-fast circuit interrupter also allows future expansion of safety checks, such as over-temperature (fire) or the presence of cabin water (electrocution hazard).

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