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Explosive Blast and Shock Simulation

DTB has extensive experience in developing controlled laboratory pressure wave and shock pulse tests associated with various types of explosive threats.

While DTB can perform all levels of Mil 901 hammer shock testing, we also have been at the forefront of developing customized shock pulse test equipment and techniques to replicate the increasingly hazardous effects associated with IEDS and other emerging explosive threats.

DTB’s most recent work has centered around the development of repeatable and tunable laboratory explosive shock pulse testing techniques and equipment.

This capability promises to shorten the product development test cycle to significantly reduce time and expense associated with live ordinance field trials.

Improvement of accuracy, repeatability and range of shock pulse delivery has been made possible by leveraging decades of experience and mathematical modeling associated with a multitude of DOD and NASA programs.

Products benefitting from laboratory shock pulse testing include:

  • Armor

  • Vehicle structures

  • Drive train

  • Suspension systems

  • Crew compartment equipment

  • Soldier PPE

  • Restraint Systems

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