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Health Monitoring Equipment Design, Evaluation and Installation

Using our vast experience in dealing with a full range of mechanical, electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic driven mechanisms, DTB has the capability of designing and fabricating Health Monitoring Equipment (HME) capable of capturing critical data integral to determining proper performance and lifetime requirements.

DTB’s HME can be used to define equipment usage necessary to help in determining the useful life of the equipment and whether or not the equipment has been subjected to an over usage condition creating unwanted strain on the device.

DTB’s HME can also be designed to define normal operating profiles for equipment. This data can be used to detect deviations from the expected data profile thus identifying a problem area within the equipment operation prior to a possible catastrophic event occurring.

HME can be used for land based, shipboard and aerospace applications. DTB has successfully installed Health Monitoring Equipment to monitor Power Plants and Shipboard equipment.

Health Monitoring

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