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Repairing Diminishing Aircraft Parts: EA6B Tailpipe Project

Given the ever increasing complexity, development cost and prototype-to-production lead time to produce a new [multi-role joint service] aircraft; government and commercial entities are exploring new ways to extend the life of their aging aircraft and to expand their roles and mission profiles. Many of these aircraft although still mission capable, are several decades old.

As the service lives of these aircraft are extended, the demand on the supply of spare parts to support them increases and many of the OEMs have either ceased production, merged with or been absorbed by larger companies or competitors, or have simply gone out of business. The result is a critical shortage of spare and repair parts to support and sustain the aircraft.

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. has the experience and technical expertise to address government and commercial industry concerns about diminishing aircraft spare and repair parts by providing Research, Reverse Engineering and Prototype development services for out-of production aircraft parts and assemblies.

EA6B tailpipe project EA6B tailpipe project

Through its successful execution of government funded Research, Reverse Engineering and Prototype Development programs for diminishing aircraft parts such as the EA-6B Tailpipe, Dayton T. Brown has developed expertise in:

  • Developing state of the art data analysis and optimization techniques to enable dimensional inspection data obtained from in-service, damaged or non-RFI components to be used to produce new components with forward and backward compatibility.

  • Research, development and testing of alternate materials to replace obsolete or unavailable OEM materials and specifications while incorporating the latest material and environmental test requirements and specifications such as MIL-STD-810

  • Research, development and validation of alternate manufacturing processes that employ current state of the art processes or develop novel component-specific processes.

  • Evaluating, developing, completing and/or updating technical data packages that are suitable for immediate procurement.

  • Down-selection and qualification of new or alternate sources of diminishing aircraft spare and repair parts to support aging aircraft

  • Developing and fabricating prototypes and limited production parts for testing and evaluation.

At Dayton T. Brown, Inc., our goal is to provide our customers with innovative solutions to the growing problem of aging aircraft and diminishing aircraft parts. Our goal is to integrate current and novel materials, flexible design, and proven advanced manufacturing and fabrication processes with end-user performance & procurement specifications to produce long-life, low cost, high quality components for the government and commercial industry.

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