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Shelf Life Prediction

The Situation

Client wanted a capability to predict the degradation of a variety of items in shelf-storage configurations.

The client also needed to predict life improvement/degradation with alterations in packaging configurations.

The Solution

  • Develop a conceptual framework to include the aging of packaging as a well as the contents.

  • Include in the framework, interaction effects between packaging and contents.

  • Design and perform accelerated aging protocols.

  • Perform comprehensive data analysis to develop a capability to predict degradation kinetics coupling Arrhenius and empirical components.

Conceptual Construct of Aging Interactions

Shelf life prediction of packaged items

Example: Secondary Batteries (large view)
Battery shelf life prediction graph

Battery shelf life prediction: Rack with batteries

Battery shelf life prediction

Predictions- Battery Aging Kinetics

Shelf life predictions formula


Battery helf life predictions kinetics


Battery helf life predictions predictions


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