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Technology Application Integration

DTB has the capability to implement script-based integration paradigm in the context of real world engineering application integration problems. Here at DTB the skilled technical staff use modern instrumentation, like computerized data acquisition, along with mathematical/engineering software, like MathCAD and LabVIEW to create customized efficient interfaces. This simplifies and expands experimental and computational problem-solving ability, including tedious tasks, like data acquisition, interpolation, graphing, etc.

The LabVIEW software, a graphical programming language by National Instruments®, is especially suitable for developing automated instrumentation systems using the PC plug-in data acquisition (DAQ) boards. It may be effectively used for engineering data acquisition, analysis, and presentation.

A typical data acquisition system may consist of transducers, signal conditioning hardware, plug-in boards, and LabVIEW® application software. Examples may include monitoring and controlling complete measurement or process system, etc. The plug-in DAQ board enables computerized measurement and control of real world analog input-signals (AI, like with an oscilloscope) and generation of analog output-signals (AO, like with a function generator), as well as digital input/output (I/O) signals.

The main LabVIEW advantage over the classical text/script based programming is its graphical interface where the user naturally builds a program by connecting (wiring) built-in component icons, i.e. by drawing the program's algorithm.

Another LabVIEW advantage is for use to build computerized or virtual instrumentation since its input/output interface mimics the real-instrument front-panels. It is also full-fledged programming application that integrates advanced data analysis and presentations. In addition DTB structural engineers can also perform python based scripting in the finite element analysis application ANSYS.

Python brings a rich object model, extensive platform portability, and flexible extension model to the table and is freely available through the open source community. These scripts can be modified and run to extend the functionality and automate repetitive analysis enabling efficient labor intensive application integration. Thus the technology application integration extends our capability and enables us do more and better in less time.

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