Static and Dynamic Load Testing

DTB can assist you in any phase of your loads testing program, to determine the actual, real world loading conditions on your system. Using strain gauges, load calibrations, data recording equipment and other instrumentation, the loading history can be recorded and analyzed to satisfy any data requirements you may have.

This information can be used in analytical life predictions and for discrete tests. If further testing is required, based on the results, a static load test or a dynamic load test may be recommended.

In most cases for solid structures, a static load test is recommended while assemblies with relative motion between parts are better suited for dynamic load tests.

Static Load Test

If a static load test appears to be the best option, load cases can be developed to simulate critical conditions. During the static load test, data can be continuously recorded with data “snapshots” taken at prescribed loading increments.

Dimensional inspections can be conducted to quantify any permanent deflections or set either pre-static loading and/or post-static loading.

Dynamic Load Test

If a dynamic load test is recommended, using statistical methods a loading spectrum can be determined that expands the recorded data into the full range of conditions. If you have simulated or recorded field data, we can work with you to “truncate” the spectrum and weed out the conditions that do not affect the component.

The leaner spectrum can expedite testing, thus reducing time and expense. This type of dynamic load testing is similar to fatigue testing with emphasis on the actual loading environment and geometry as opposed to idealized loads on coupon samples.

The resulting data is based less on assumptions and models with part to part interactions bearing on the outcome of the dynamic load test.

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Static and Dynamic Load Testing


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