Transparent Armor / Bullet Proof Glass Testing and Evaluation

At DTB, we have recently expanded our optical testing capabilities and equipment. These new capabilities allow us to evaluate the optical properties of transparent armor after different environmental effects.

Environmental effects due to sand abrasion or solar radiation exposure (UV), etc. can significantly decrease the optical properties of bullet proof glass, turn plastics yellow, distort view, make armor brittle, and can affect its ballistic properties. Without visible clarity, occupants can potentially put themselves or others in harm’s way.

Transparent Armor Testing

With new materials being engineered to make transparent armor lighter and safer, testing of the ballistic capabilities after different environmental situations is needed to make sure they meet the proper safety requirements.

Our expanded facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art Spectrophotometer that has enhanced NVG and haze capabilities with fully automated data acquisition to measure these effects on bullet proof glass.

DTB follows the ATPD 2352R standard to make sure your transparent armor meets all of the necessary requirements as outlined in the Purchase Specification for Transparent Armor.

We can provide all of your transparent armor / bullet proof glass testing requirements  and evaluations such as: 


  • BS EN 1063, Glass in building – Security Glazing – Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack, 2000

Commercial Transparent Armor Applications

Many of the commercial transparent armor ASTM/ANSI standards have been adopted from ATPD 2352R. We can assist you whether your transparent armor application is in automotive, aviation, banking, corrections, crowd control, high profile buildings or any other high security application. DTB has the ability to test items from components to full size integrated assemblies or systems.

With over 250,000 sq. ft of testing space and our newly upgraded optical laboratory, DTB is your one stop shop for all transparent armor / bullet proof glass qualification and production testing.


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