Seismic Testing Services

The use of enclosures that have been through seismic testing is called for in areas where earthquake activity is possible.

Seismic testing will determine if your equipment can withstand the effects of movement or vibrations in areas close to railways, airports, power plants and other areas subject to similar conditions.

Seismic Testing

Our Vertical and Horizontal seismic testing facilities, manufactured by the Team Corporation, offer low frequency high displacement seismic vibration capabilities to meet the Bellcore GR-63 Zone 4 Seismic Testing requirements.

Seismic Testing

The seismic testing systems are also used for all types of Mil-Std vibration and shock testing. An example is the shipboard seismic testing requirement of Mil-Std-167-1.

Since DTB maintains a hydraulic system in the laboratory, capable of supplying over 600 gpm, both the vertical and horizontal seismic testing facilities can be run together. This results in seismic testing programs being processed through the laboratory in a very timely manner.

Our full-Service Seismic Vibration Facility is capable of:

  • Replicating a Zone 4 seismic event

  • Testing payloads greater than 6,000 lbs. with a center of gravity 5 feet above the table

  • Dynamic force ratings to 32,000 lbs. in horizontal; 32,000 lbs. in vertical.

  • Tests needing a Table size of 6 feet x 8 feet horizontal; 6 feet by 6 feet vertical.

  • Tests needing a Full rated performance to 100 Hz.

  • A dynamic displacement 10.5 inches, overall displacement 12 inches.

  • A maximum velocity of over 40 inches/second.

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